Line / Scheduled Maintenance

Based on Canadian Rockies International Airport, Babin Air's Aircraft Maintenance division offers an accessible and affordable alternative for your Line- and Scheduled Aircraft Maintenance. We offer Refuelling, and De-Icing Services as well.

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Refuelling and Deicing

BabinAir offers refuelling and deicing services for both scheduled and unscheduled or ad-hoc aircraft movements. Contact us for a quote.

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Line- and Scheduled Maintenance

With a wide range of Certifications, we offer an affordable and accessible alternative to your current aircraft line- or scheduled maintenance needs. Contact us for a quote.

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Certifications / Authorizations

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) Ratings M1 and M2

M2 — All aircraft (excluding balloons) not included in M1, which include (but is not limited to), aircraft built to CAR 525, 529, and equivalent standards. Includes all turbojet aircraft.

M1 — Aircraft built to CAR 522, 523, 523-VLA, 527, 549, and equivalent standards, but excluding turbojet aircraft. Includes gliders, small piston powered, and small turboprop aircraft. We also offer propellor balancing.

Airframe and Powerplant (A&P)

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