Pre-Purchase Inspections & Import/Export

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Pre-purchase Inspections

Aircraft are high value assets. The purchase demands proper Due Diligence. We can assist you in that process. We can Pre-purchase inspect your airplane on site (at its current sale location), or at our own facility. If the transaction requires Import or Export, we can assist you with the myriad of paperwork: We've been there and done it many times. Contact us to discuss what you're working on, and discover how we can add value and due diligence to it. We love to serve!

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Certifications / Authorizations

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) Ratings M1 and M2

M2 — All aircraft (excluding balloons) not included in M1, which include (but is not limited to), aircraft built to CAR 525, 529, and equivalent standards. Includes all turbojet aircraft.

M1 — Aircraft built to CAR 522, 523, 523-VLA, 527, 549, and equivalent standards, but excluding turbojet aircraft. Includes gliders, small piston powered, and small turboprop aircraft. We also offer propellor balancing.

Airframe and Powerplant (A&P)

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